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Interested in learning more about working with gifted clients?

Gifted people seem to end up in therapy more often than would be expected -

some estimates are that as many as 25% of therapy clients are gifted.  

So you may have gifted clients of all ages and not even know it!

Working with a gifted client is not so different from working with any client - it's important to know about their culture and experiences to serve them best.  That's why my friend Lisa and I got together to create EngagedCE


Our mission is to make the world safer for gifted people

by increasing knowledge and understanding of the of the gifted community.

We're creating online continuing education courses and gathering resources to help therapists of all kinds understand and enjoy their quirky, gifty clients.  You'll probably learn something about yourself, as well!

Courses will be available in 2020.

Sign up for our email list to get notified when courses become available. 

We'll send you a printable tip sheet as our thanks to you for signing up.

Colored pencil tips
Magnifying Glass

Articles about

gifted kids 

and adults

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gifted clients

Tips for working

with gifted clients

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