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"It is the truth we ourselves speak, rather than the treatment we receive, that heals us." - O. Hobart Mowrer

Therapy is about feeling better.


I want my clients to feel better, and as quickly as possible.  I want you to leave each session feeling a bit better than when you came in, and I want you to notice some overall improvement within the first few sessions.


Choosing the right therapist is important, and research has repeatedly shown that a good fit between therapist and client is one of the best predictors of a good therapeutic outcome (feeling better!).  Here are two websites with great information about how to choose the therapist that is right for you:




I offer the use of Outcome Measures to help make sure that there is a good fit between us and that we are making progress on your goals.  These are brief questionnaires that you complete at the beginning or end of each session to indicate how things are going for you.  I may use your responses to create a graph, which can be useful in helping us notice what makes things better or worse for you. 


The use of Outcome Measures is a choice for each client, and several questionnaires are available to meet clients' individual needs.  I will explain the questionnaires to you at our initial session and you can decide whether you want to try them.


"What people really need is a good listening to."  - Mary Lou Casey

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